ONE-HALF SIZE(11-1/4inch×11inch) CONTAINER WITH LID(Gravity Sterilizer Containers)

● 製品について

【Miltex® Containers…Designed and Constructed for the Customer】
Miltex has solicited the help and experience of our Customers, Surgical Dealer Partners and the finest European Maunfactures to design and construct one of the best Sterilization Containers available today.
We have included all of the necessary choices while streamlining the selection to offer not only an excellent Container but one that is economical and well suited for your facility budget and instrument sterilization and storage requirements.

● 特長

●Container lid and bottom are both of one-piece construction and have a uniform, anodized aluminum alloy finish
●Lightweight, yet durable enough to accommodate acceptable weight loads of surgical instrumentation
●Handles stop at 90° to aid lifting; low profile latch allows simple and secure lid closing
●Retention plate employs an easy "click and lock" closure over disposable, quick-to-change filter

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