Speroni™ One for all Retractor
製造販売企業:株式会社ユニメディック|製造企業:Geister Medizintechnik社(ドイツ)

● 製品について

【Truely One for All】
This unique universal retractor system perfectly covers all requirements of modern cardiothoracic surgery.

● 特長

●It comes with one I.M.A. blade with stabilizing screw - converting it into a stable three-point based I.M.A. retractor for right or left side use - as well as with 2 sternum blades - gently curved to protect the sternal bone - and 2 perforated lateral thoracic blades.
●The precisely crafted soft-slide attachment allows for easy and quick change of blades
during operation and keeps blades securely in place all the time.

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