製造販売企業:株式会社ユニメディック|製造企業:Geister Medizintechnik社(ドイツ)

● 製品について

【Digital signal processing for superb image quality!】
The GEISTER® Multimedia-Kit™ allows for documentation of the surgical operation right from the operating field without the need to wear a head camera or to use a camera integrated into the OR-light. So there is always an unobstructed view and a stable picture.

● 特長

●For docmentation, visualization and teaching.
●Focusable lens.
●1/4inch small sized sensor module.
●S-VHS high quality video signal.
●More than 480 TV-lines.
●Automatic integration time and gain control.
●Auto white set balance for different lightsources.
●Light and high flexible camera cable.
●Easy mechanical fixation.

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