ValveGate™ PRO Needle Holder with ratchet
製造販売企業:株式会社ユニメディック|製造企業:Geister Medizintechnik社(ドイツ)

● 製品について

Efficient surgery. Less invasive. Optimum results.

● 特長

●Ultra-lightweight and perfect balance.
●Adjustable jaw and handle opening according users preference for less fatigue and time savings.
●Scissors designed to cut even through hardest calcified tissues.
●Needle Holders firmly grasp and drive even the largest needles.
●Precise Anastomosis Suturing by finger turning and not by wrist bending.
●Soft touch handles with elastic springs.
●Ergonomic FAIRGRIP™ handles with large dimples.
●Solid construction and optimized surfaces for maximum durability, wear and corrosion resistance.
●Color coded handles.
(Gold= Needle Holders, Black= Scissors, Silver= Graspers, all others)

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